Role Of Ultrasound Scan In Pregnancy

Ultrasound Scan in Pregnancy: Its Role, Importance, How it is Performed and How it can Effect the Health of Your Baby if Ignored

It is important to monitor the growth and health of the baby present in the mother’s womb. The health of a baby in the womb determines its health throughout life.  Ultrasound helps to check the growth, heartbeat, movement, etc of the developing baby. Here you will find the role of ultrasound in pregnancy and how it is performed.

What is an Ultrasound or Sonogram Scan in Pregnancy?

Ultrasonogram scans or ultrasound scans are tests that are done to see how a baby is growing in the mother’s womb. This scan examines the baby to see if there is any disease. The scan is done by a trained sonographer, and the radiologist looks at the pictures. In this scan, sound waves are used to provide the image. Echoes of sound waves are made, which are then changed into an image of the baby inside the mother. It provides a black-and-white image of the baby.

Types of Ultrasound Scans in Pregnancy

There are some different types of ultrasound scans in pregnancy, depending on the situation. The doctor will recommend which scan you need to have.

3-D ultrasound

In a 2-D ultrasound image, only the structure can be seen. Although in a 3-D ultrasound, the 3-D image with height, depth, and width of the fetus and its organs are clearly visible. The same procedure is followed in both the scans.

4-D ultrasound

This ultrasound scan is performed to record a video of the movements of the baby. It provides more details about the fetus.

Transvaginal Ultrasound

It is mostly performed in the early stage of pregnancy. To perform this scan, a small probe is inserted into the vagina that captures the image of the fetus. A very clear image is not produced in this scan.

Fetal Echocardiography

This ultrasound is performed if the doctor suspects any heart disease in the baby. It is performed in a similar way to transitional ultrasounds. But it takes a little more time than the traditional one. Clear image of the baby’s heart is produced in this scan.

Can Pregnant Women undergo Ultrasound Scan?

Video Summery: Definetely Yes. Pregnants can undergo ultrasound scan without any fear. Because ultrasounds are not Ionizing radiation. In ultrasound Scan high frequency sound waves are used to scan the baby. This ultrasounds are not dangerous to fetus. Ultrasound Scan are being used since 30 to 40 years for medical purpose untill now no major side effects are recorded. So ultrasound is rather very useful in many ways during pregnancy. So never ignore your doctor advice for ultrasound scan. 

Role of Ultrasound Scan during Pregnancy

An ultrasound scan in pregnancy is important for various reasons. The most important ones are to see how the baby is growing and to see if there are any signs of illness. It is essential that you go for the scan if your gynecologist has recommended it. Your gynecologist will recommend an ultrasound scan at different stages of the pregnancy. The reasons for performing an ultrasound scan in pregnancy are as follows:

  • To make sure the woman is pregnant
  • To monitor the heartbeat of the developing baby
  • To determine the possible date for the delivery
  • To check if the mother is carrying single or multiple babies
  • To check if there is any possibility of the miscarriage
  • To check if there is any disease in the growing baby
  • To monitor the growth and position of the baby
  • To check if there is any problem in blood circulation or structure of the baby

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How to Prepare Yourself for an Ultrasound Scan in Pregnancy?

Your doctor will advise you to have a full bladder (not to pee for several hours before the scan) before going for an ultrasound scan during pregnancy. You will also be advised to drink some water before the scan. You have to avoid urinating before the scan. The main purpose of having a full bladder is to have a clear image of the growing child.

How is an Ultrasound Scan in Pregnancy is Performed?

During the process of an ultrasound, the patient lies down on a table or bed. A special gel is applied in layers to the area that needs an ultrasound (the pelvic area and abdomen in this case). The gel is applied to make the sound waves travel easier. The transducer is placed on the surface that is to be ultrasounded, and they move it to capture the image. The technician may advise you to take a deep breath or to hold your breath while capturing the image. After the technician has taken a clear image, they will wipe the gel, and you are now free to pee.

The main purpose of an ultrasound scan is to make sure you are carrying a healthy baby for a better future. You should not avoid it if your gynecologist has recommended one. It will detect if there is any disease or other issue with the developing baby. The doctor will suggest treatments accordingly. You should keep in touch with your gynecologist throughout the whole journey of pregnancy. If you don’t have one you can find one in your nearest area with the help of Nisarga Diagnsotics, you to find medical treatment, surgery cost in India, Doctors, Hospitals in all over India.

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