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As you approach the 20th week of your pregnancy, the journey of motherhood becomes even more real and precious. Congratulations on nurturing your little one in your womb with such care and love. However, your role as a mother is just beginning, and ensuring the health and well-being of your baby is paramount. One crucial step during this stage is the anomaly scan, a pivotal examination that shouldn’t be missed.

At Nisarga Diagnostics, we understand the significance of the 20th-week anomaly scan in monitoring both maternal and fetal health. Our experienced doctors will guide you through every step of your pregnancy journey, utilizing advanced technology and diagnostic tools to detect any potential complications. While most pregnancies progress smoothly, there may be instances of fetal anomalies or birth defects that require attention.

Through state-of-the-art ultrasound technology and thorough examinations, we aim to identify any abnormalities early on, allowing for timely intervention and management. Our commitment to comprehensive care ensures that you and your baby receive the highest quality of medical attention throughout your pregnancy.

A normal anomaly scan report brings relief to expectant parents, providing reassurance about the health of their baby. In cases where concerns arise, our skilled medical team is equipped to address any challenges with expertise and compassion. Trust Nisarga Diagnostics for exceptional prenatal care and peace of mind on your journey to motherhood.

Here are the key reasons to consider having the anomaly scan at Nisarga Diagnostics:

  • Confirm Normal Development: The scan provides reassurance that your baby is developing typically and reaching important milestones.
  • Determine Gestational Age: It accurately confirms the stage of your pregnancy, ensuring accurate tracking of fetal growth and development.
  • Identify Multiple Fetuses: For pregnancies with twins or more, the scan determines the number of fetuses and whether they are identical or fraternal.
  • Detect Birth Defects: It helps in early detection of potential birth defects like spina bifida or heart abnormalities, enabling timely medical intervention if necessary.
  • Assess Chromosome Issues: The scan can identify subtle markers that may indicate a higher risk of chromosomal abnormalities, offering valuable insights into your baby’s health.
  • Gender Determination: If desired, the scan can reveal the gender of your baby, providing an exciting moment for expectant parents.

At Nisarga Diagnostics, we prioritize your preferences and will discuss all findings with you unless otherwise specified. Trust us for comprehensive and personalized prenatal care tailored to your needs and concerns.

Experience the Anomaly Scan at Nisarga Diagnostics!

The Anomaly Scan, often referred to as the 20-week pregnancy scan, provides a comprehensive view of your baby’s development. Using advanced 2-D ultrasound technology, this scan meticulously examines the size and physical features of your baby, offering insights into vital aspects such as facial formation, limb development, and organ structure. Our skilled sonographers meticulously assess the placement of the placenta and the level of amniotic fluid, ensuring a thorough evaluation of the womb’s health.

Performed between the 18th and 21st week of pregnancy, the Anomaly Scan serves as a crucial milestone in your prenatal care journey. It not only offers a closer look at your baby’s growth but also provides valuable information about any potential birth defects or abnormalities. With the scan’s ability to generate detailed 2-D images of your baby’s profile, including facial features and hand movements, expect an awe-inspiring glimpse into your little one’s world within the womb.

At Nisarga Diagnostics, we understand the anticipation and excitement surrounding this pivotal scan. Trust our team of dedicated healthcare professionals to guide you through the process with compassion and expertise, ensuring a reassuring experience every step of the way. Schedule your Anomaly Scan today and embark on a journey of discovery with us!

When is the Anomaly Scan Performed?

Typically conducted between the 18th and 21st weeks of pregnancy, the Anomaly Scan, also known as the mid-pregnancy scan, provides crucial insights into your baby’s development.

Why is the Anomaly Scan Conducted?

The mid-pregnancy anomaly scan serves the vital purpose of identifying any physical abnormalities in the developing baby. While it may not detect every issue, it provides healthcare specialists, such as sonographers, with insights into various aspects of the baby’s anatomy, including bones, heart, brain, spinal cord, face, kidneys, and abdomen. This scan helps in identifying conditions such as anencephaly, diaphragmatic hernia, gastroschisis, exomphalos, open spina bifida, bilateral renal agenesis, lethal skeletal dysplasia, Edwards’ syndrome (T18), Patau’s syndrome (T13), cleft lip, and serious cardiac abnormalities. While most scans indicate normal development, in some cases, potential problems may be detected or suspected by the sonographer.

What does the Anomaly Scan Assess within the Womb?

During the anomaly scan, the sonologist meticulously examines various aspects of the fetus and the womb, including:

  • Comprehensive assessment of every part of the baby’s body and measurements to ascertain normal growth.
  • Evaluation of limbs to detect any deformities, such as missing fingers or toes.
  • Examination of facial features, including eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Thorough inspection of the brain, spinal cord, bones, heart, lungs, kidneys, and abdomen to identify congenital defects.
  • Assessment of the placenta’s position.
  • Determination of the normalcy of amniotic fluid levels.

The scan aims to detect various birth defects, including but not limited to:

  • Cleft lip
  • Spina bifida
  • Heart defects
  • Club feet
  • Structural abnormalities in the brain
  • Diaphragmatic hernia
  • Kidney problems
  • Genetic disorders stemming from chromosomal abnormalities.

How is the Procedure Conducted?

During the anomaly scan, the process unfolds as follows:

    • The sonographer guides the patient to recline on a couch and expose the abdomen.
    • A special gel is applied to the abdomen to facilitate optimal contact between the handheld probe and the skin.
    • The sonographer then maneuvers the probe across the abdominal skin to examine the baby’s body.
    • As the probe moves, a black and white 2D image of the baby appears on the ultrasound screen.
    • To enhance visualization, the sonographer may recommend the patient to consume water beforehand to achieve a full bladder.
    • Occasionally, the sonographer may apply gentle pressure to obtain clearer images of the baby.
    • The entire mid-pregnancy scan process typically lasts around 30 minutes.

Why choose Anomaly Scan at Nisarga Diagnostics?

An anomaly scan, also known as the 20-week pregnancy scan, is a pivotal examination during pregnancy, and at Nisarga Diagnostics, we ensure it’s conducted with utmost precision and care. Here’s why our anomaly scan stands out:

  • Comprehensive Evaluation: Our anomaly scan involves a detailed assessment of your baby’s growth and physical development. From facial features to organ formation, we leave no stone unturned in examining every aspect.
  • Experienced Sonographers: Our team comprises experienced sonographers who possess the expertise to conduct anomaly scans accurately. With their proficiency and attention to detail, you can trust that your baby’s health is in capable hands.
  • Advanced Technology: At Nisarga Diagnostics, we utilize state-of-the-art ultrasound technology for anomaly scans. This ensures high-resolution imaging, allowing for better visualization of your baby’s development.
  • Early Detection of Abnormalities: Detecting any potential abnormalities early is crucial for timely intervention and management. Our anomaly scan is designed to identify various conditions, enabling prompt medical attention if required.
  • Personalized Care: We understand that each pregnancy journey is unique, and our approach reflects that. We provide personalized care throughout the anomaly scan process, addressing any concerns you may have and ensuring your comfort.
  • Confidentiality and Support: Your privacy and emotional well-being are paramount to us. Our compassionate team maintains strict confidentiality and offers support and guidance every step of the way.
  • Peace of Mind: Ultimately, our anomaly scan aims to provide you with peace of mind by offering reassurance about your baby’s health and development. With Nisarga Diagnostics, you can embark on your journey to parenthood with confidence.

Trust Nisarga Diagnostics for a comprehensive and reliable anomaly scan experience that prioritizes the well-being of both you and your baby.

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